Thursday, January 05, 2012

The City God Builds...

From To Transform A City (Swanson and Williams)

Have you ever asked yourself 'If God were to build a city from the ground up, what would it look like?  Amazingly, there are actually passages of Scripture that describe such a city.  These elements come from Isaiah 65:17:25

1) There is joy.  (v. 19)

2) There is absence of weeping and crying. (v. 19)

3) There is no infant mortality. (v. 20)

4) People live out their full lives.  (v. 20)

5) People will build houses and live in them.  (v. 21-22)

6) People will sow and reap.  (v.21-22)

7) There is fulfilling and work (v. 22)

8) There is confidence that the next generation will have a better life. (v. 23)

9) People experience the blessing of God.  (v. 23)

10) There is intergenerational family support with family structures intact.  (v. 23)

11) There are rapid answers to prayer.  (v.24)

12) There is an absence of violence. (v.25)