Monday, September 29, 2014

Transform Our World Conference

Barb and I had the privilege to spend the better part September 19 with Dr. Ed Silvoso from Transform Our World.  God is using Dr. Silvoso all around the world to bring spiritual and social transformation to communities and nations by working with political and business leaders.  Over breakfast he encouraged us both to attend his upcoming conference in Hawaii.  While I smiled and said that I would like to go, the cost of attending made it seem impossible.... until the next day when the Transform Your World Conference in Victoria received an offering to send Barb and I to Hawaii.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the church in Victoria and your confidence in us. We have never been to Hawaii and the excitement around this trip is growing by the minute!! 

We have high expectations for what God has in store at this conference and believe that our personal and ministry grids are about to be expanded!!  It is an incredible blessing and opportunity for us to be there.  We can hardly wait!!

He vs. She - The Rubber Match

After a hard fought battle last year, the 3rd Annual He vs.She Half-Marathon looms large on the horizon.  This epic fundraising battle of the sexes between Tim and Barb happens again this fall, culminating with the Good Life Half Marathon on Oct 12.  In year 1, Tim had some last minute help to get him over the top!  Last year, Barb got some significant help from her 'California Cousins' to put her over the top.  This year... it's anyone's challenge!!

The plan is simple.  Sponsor the participant of your choice on either a per/km basis or at a flat rate. A half marathon is 21 kms, so a $5/km pledge is a $105 commitment, $10/km is $210. 

Bragging rights and the right to be called 'Champ' for the entire year are on the line!  You get to decide who holds the title!!

Our goal for this fundraiser is $5500. It is a planned part of our regular budget that helps us provide ministry to MLAs.  This is a fantastic way for those of you who believe in what we do but don't often have the opportunity to get to a local fundraiser to support the work of Leading Influence.  We need and value your financial partnership!

Make your pledge by clicking here!  Thanks for your support! 

Pledge deadline is October 12 at midnight!

Please Welcome Uve Knaak!

I love how God makes things happen!  At the beginning of summer, our Chaplain position in Alberta became vacant.  Rather than beginning an intense search and recruiting process, I really felt like I was to wait until the fall.  I confess that I'm not a very good 'waiter', but in this case, God reminded me of something that He taught me within our first few weeks in Victoria.  Waiting is not wasting my time.  Waiting is giving God the freedom to work in a situation without my getting in the way.  My job is to stay focused on what He has asked me to do, while He does His job and works things out behind the scenes.

Over the course of the summer, I met Uve Knaak, (OooVay) through a mutual friend.  Uve asked about Leading Influence and Alberta in particular.  I mentioned that we had a ministry opportunity open in Edmonton and we began a conversation about his potential involvement with us.  Uve is a soon to be retired Senior VP with Canadian Western Bank.  For the past 25 years he has worked in leadership development and as an Executive Coach.  As a bonus, he also has a theology degree from Briercrest College and spent several years as a pastor.  Uve is a perfect fit for our team and will be a tremendous blessing to MLAs in Alberta and to Leading Influence across Canada.  We are very happy to have Uve and Rose join our team and welcome them to the Leading Influence team.

Uve's first day in the Alberta Legislature will be November 17! If you live in Alberta and would like to connect with him, you can reach him at  

The Next Step: Sea2Sea

God is moving in an exciting way in Leading Influence Ministries, and we want to keep you informed and involved!
As we begin our 8th year of ministry, God continues to use Leading Influence to touch the lives of leaders across Canada. This year, we added a new Chaplain in Saskatchewan and three new prayer networks. Today our ministry’s footprint extends from BC to Ontario, so to put it mildly, God’s helping us cover Canada, and we've just begun this adventure!

Last year, our board approved a Strategic Plan that included a provision for my role to change within the ministry.  In order for Leading Influence to reach our leaders from sea to sea, my role needs to shift from ministry delivery in BC, to ministry development across the country.  The current plan is to share my delivery role in BC with someone here in Victoria, and as my development role grows, I will focus exclusively on ministry development and growth across the country. Part of this growth includes the continuation of working with provincial elected officials, but also engaging with civic leaders across Canada.  As we reach cities, we reach regions. And as we reach regions, we impact the nation. The opportunities and possibilities to increase God’s influence through practical support and prayer for our leaders is endless and we believe it is time to pursue them.

We need your support to make this happen and to support our Sea2Sea initiative. Our goal is to raise an additional $2000 in monthly support which will enable us to expand our work across Canada.  I’ve made a personal commitment to this campaign of $100/month. We’re asking you to consider a minimum 2 year monthly partnership commitment at whatever amount you choose to give. Your support will make this next part of the vision a reality!  

Click here to make your pledge.  We need you on our team!