Thursday, October 22, 2015

Transitions and the Power of Prayer

Courtesy of our friends at 'Nation At Prayer'

People woke up Tuesday morning to another new day - and a nation in transition.  A new Prime Minister had been elected; the Third Party has become the party in power; the Official Opposition has become the Third Party; the party in power has become the Official Opposition; the Green Party lost a member; the Bloc increased from 4 to 10; and the sitting Prime Minister resigned as Party Leader.  
1,792 candidates ran for office, 1,454 unsuccessfully, including 106 incumbent MPs; 338 were elected, of which 197 are new to Ottawa. 
Transition does not only impact the party standings; it impacts the life of every candidate and his/her family. Every candidate is in process of closing their campaign offices; in addition, defeated incumbents may be moving from accommodation in Ottawa while dealing with the sting of defeat and contemplating their life after politics; successful candidates are looking for new constituency offices and waiting to be assigned their Ottawa offices, while making living arrangements in their 'home away from home'.
Those returning to Ottawa are going through transition - to new roles in Parliament, new seating arrangements (in many cases on the opposite side of the House), and unfamiliar colleagues. Many of them are experiencing varying emotions as they adjust to the reality that some of their colleagues are not returning, even as they adjust to new personalities and changed balances of power.

Families are preparing for the long absences from home that accompany elected office; some are weighing the relative merits of moving to Ottawa where they can be together throughout the week while maintaining a presence in the constituency.

For those of us who know and trust the transforming power of prayer, this transition is much more than a time of change; it is the time to invite the unequaled and extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit to infuse the hearts and minds of those who now govern our nation, so that God's purposes for Canada will be served.  Whatever our thoughts and feelings about the outcome of the election, we have the great privilege and even greater responsibility, as the apostle Paul instructs, to give priority to praying for all who govern.  What confidence is ours that God can be fully trusted; that He is at work in ways beyond our knowing, for our good and the good of the nation; that He can use every elected representative for His purposes; and that there is nothing in all creation that He cannot transform or beyond which He is not more powerful!


  • Wisdom and discernment as he assumes the role and in appointing the Cabinet
  • Capacity to understand complex issues
  • Energy and endurance
  • Adaptability in responding to rapidly changing circumstances and events
  • Protection for him and his family

  • Wisdom as they assume their new responsibilities
  • God's grace to use their position wisely with integrity and strength of character
  • The power of the Holy Spirit to overcome any sense of entitlement 
  • Their families, as they make the adjustment to new realities
  • Guidance in finding suitable accommodation and office space
  • Courage to do what is right and grace in doing it


Pray that the Holy Spirit will:
  • Remove any residual bitterness, depression, or sense of personal rejection
  • Guide them into new occupations with a renewed sense of call and fulfillment
  • Guide their families in making any adjustments
All now need refreshment from the grueling schedule of a 78-day campaign, and God's grace to return to a more normalized life.

Above all and for all, may this time of transition be a time of transformation when the Holy Spirit awakens or deepens relationships with the living God, the source of transformation.

Because we pray, their lives - and our nation - will be impacted and transformed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Prayer For Our Nation

“I urge you first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them, intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way kings and all who are in authority…” 2 Tim 2:1-2
Father, I thank you for Canada and our new Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau. Lord, I pray that you would infuse him with humility, courage, honesty, and integrity. I lift up all our elected MP’s. I pray that they would call on you, seeking your grace and wisdom to fulfill their roles as our elected officials. I ask that you would protect the marriages and families of all 338 Members of Parliament.
I declare our prayers of blessing wield far more power than words of disappointment or complaint. We choose to respect and honour our leaders as your word clearly instructs us to do.
God keep our land glorious and free, from sea to sea to sea. AMEN.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Across the Country

We've got some great things happen across the country!  Here's the latest....

BC - A welcome to Jessica Pool who has assumed leadership for PrayBC.  This is an important ministry for us that really forms the foundation for what we are doing.  God has blessed us with a strong team of prayer writers but there is always room for more!  You can reach Jessica at to tell her of your interest in writing prayers.

The Legislature resumed in BC at the end of September and we are off to a great start.  We host a weekly prayer gathering and this past week was our largest gathering ever.  It's so exciting to hear leaders pray on behalf of the people of the province!  

AB - The change of government in Alberta has opened a tremendous door of opportunity to us. Murray Coughlan is doing a phenomenal volunteer job for us in Edmonton and has met with a number of MLAs already.  One MLA said the following in his meeting:  'I don't think you'll do any harm here and you might even do some good!  Welcome aboard!'  Best welcoming line ever!!

Our ever faithful prayer coordinator in Alberta is Elaine Baillie.  We are blessed to have her on our team.  Thanks for your hard work Elaine!

SK - Barry Berglund is having great success in Saskatchewan.  God has given him real favour with a number of Saskatoon based MLAs especially.  The Saskatchewan Legislature resumes in late October.

Dr. Scott Francis is leading PraySK.

MB - Pastor Weldon Yeo (Morden) is coordinating PrayMB.  We have an opening for a chaplain in Winnipeg.

ON - PrayOntario continues to grow under the leadership of Pastor Garry Fess.  We are very thankful for his willingness to serve and his commitment to the vision and ministry.  We remain committed to launching a chaplaincy in Ontario as soon as possible and continue to actively seek a suitable candidate.  For more information on our plans for Ontario and how you can help us, please see our most recent update article.  

Maritimes - We are having conversations with a pastor in the Maritimes who is interested in partnering with us.  We are eager to see how God will lead us in this regard.

Pursuing Our Vision

Our vision for Leading Influence has always had a national focus.  We see chaplains in every province and territory providing ministry care to elected leaders.  It's an enormous challenge that continues to stretch us.

Several years ago, our board went through a visioning process.  We created a strategic plan that called for Tim's role to change within the ministry so that we could move forward in pursuing the vision that God has put in our hearts.  In light of the challenges and opportunities before us as we seek to establish Leading Influence in Ontario and Eastern Canada, it's become apparent that we have reached the point for Tim's role to shift from ministry DELIVERY to ministry DEVELOPMENT.

While Tim will remain connected to BC, he will do so in a diminished role as Jason Goertzen has joined our BC team.  Tim's new focus will be twofold.  His first responsibility will be to ensure that our team of chaplains are well supported, resourced and equipped to effectively and capably serve our elected leaders.  His second focus will be to ensure that we successfully launch Leading Influence in Ontario.

Ontario is a significant challenge for us.  It is crucial for us to plant a strong successful chaplaincy in Toronto.  While we are confident that God has prepared someone to serve MPPs in Ontario, we have yet to find him/her.  In the short term, Tim will commute to Toronto one week/month in order to establish the ministry at Queens Park and to create awareness within Ontario as a whole but particularly in the Greater Toronto Area.  

This is an enormous task that will require tremendous resources.  We need your help!  We would like to invite you to consider partnering with us in the great cause of reaching out to elected officials through relationally based ministry.  You can help us financially by clicking here!  

Thanks for your support!

Welcome Jason Goertzen!

Jason GoertzenWe are excited to announce that Jason Goertzen has joined our BC Team as co-chaplain at the BC Legislature.  He will serve in a volunteer capacity and will remain on the pastoral team at LifeTree Church, here in Victoria.  In addition to his strong pastoral skills, Jason also brings with him a keen interest in politics, excellent people skills and a warm and engaging nature. He is being well received by members and staff alike.  

Jason is married to Christine and is the proud father of three children. (Melia, Zach and Ben)