Friday, June 03, 2016

Across the Country - Ontario, the Land of Opportunity

As many of you already know, after 9 years of pioneering and establishing Leading Influence in BC, I have taken on the task of building and growing the ministry in Ontario.  This is without a doubt, 'a whole new world...' It's a world that fascinates and intrigues me and it's a world full of new challenges and opportunities.  When you consider that 1 of every 3 Canadians lives in Ontario and that there are more people living in Toronto proper than live Saskatchewan and Manitoba or Atlantic Canada, the importance of reaching and impacting the leaders of this amazing province takes on a much greater urgency.  

Over the past number of months, we have processed through how we will build Ontario in a sustainable way and have settled on the following approach.  Starting in September, I will spend 3 weeks/month in Toronto networking with MPPs, developing resources and laying a strong foundation for the future.  I will come home to Victoria on break weeks (Stat holiday weeks) and catch up on life and work here.  Mostly, I intend to just be a stay at home husband for that time.  It's not ideal, but it's the most ideal at this time.  We will work within this structure from September through June and evaluate our progress and opportunities at that time.

This is entirely a step of faith.  We don't have the budget ($35,000) in place to see this happen today, but I am confident of 3 things.  God is BIG.  God is GOOD.  ANYTHING Can Happen!  The same God who has made something out of nothing in BC, AB and SK is surely able to do the same in Ontario.  All He requires from us is faith and obedience.  He is fully able to do the rest!

Onward we go as we follow the King!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Across The Country - A New Chapter in Saskatchewan

Meet Dr. Scott Francis!  Husband, Father, Executive Coach, Podcaster, Chaplain and Volunteer Fireman!  We could go on, but there just isn't enough space!  We are thrilled to have Scott serving with us in Saskatchewan.  

In between spring grass fires and visits to the Legislature, Scott shares the following:

This has been an exciting couple months!  I joined the Leading Influence team in Saskatchewan following the conclusion of the recent provincial election.  Since then life has been a bit of whirlwind finding my feet in a new role.

It was incredibly inspiring to attend the MLA swearing-in ceremony. Most impressive was to see a group of people committing themselves to serve in the full knowledge that this will be a difficult and challenging job. Their decision to give of themselves inspired me to commit myself to support them both emotionally and spiritually.

The first few days of spring session made it very clear that SK MLA’s have a significant amount of work ahead of them. There are difficult decisions on the horizon that will test their wisdom, strength and courage. They truly need our prayers and support.

Leaders in the public service face make great sacrifices, which can result in deep challenges. It is easy to run out of emotional and spiritual gas. When a person’s internal life becomes depleted, it can lead to stress and difficulty. Leaders with the best of intentions can be blind-sided and become derailed both professionally and personally. 

My passion is to contribute to the inner spiritual life of the MLAs and to help them live in a way that builds substance. Please pray for me as I do it.  

Across The Country - Good to Go in BC

It’s been an incredible spring!  After 20+ years of pastoral ministry my heart has been captured anew with the opportunity to serve leaders inside the walls of the BC Legislature.  Each day as I walked up the front steps and though the big wooden doors my sense of anticipation grew with another chance to be salt and light.  Every day was a new adventure. 

Apart from celebrating our 10th Annual Prayer Breakfast with almost 30 members in attendance, I am most excited about what I see happening at our regular Thursday Prayer Gathering.   We have members from both sides attending and it’s easy to see that God is up to something in the lives of our leaders. There is a genuine sense of God’s presence at work in our midst.  

One of the stealthier ways I've been able to have an impact is through being asked to write the morning prayer for several members.  It’s been fun to hear them prayed and to know that God is hearing because leaders are asking!  

The most important part of my work is connecting with members in a meaningful way.  Pray with me that God will open the right doors at the right time into the right lives. This is always our most important and pressing need.

It has also been very encouraging to have friends, family and ministry partners visit the legislature to gain a better understanding of how we serve. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing what we do and I’ll work with you to make it happen!

Jason Goertzen

Across the Country - Alberta Update

I'm excited about the opportunity to serve at the Alberta Legislature.  It has been both rewarding and challenging.  Rewarding in that I have had the opportunity to meet with MLAs from each caucus.  These interactions happen sometimes through my own initiative and sometimes through theirs.  I am pleased with either option as it gives me the opportunity to connect, hear and share with those God has called to lead our province.  This gives me confidence that the ministry is valuable and needed. 

With the current economic challenges and Fort Mac forest fire situation, our province is walking through a difficult time.  Our leaders need the support and ministry that we are able to provide.

Our leaders also need your ongoing prayer support.  Please visit to track with our daily MLA prayer strategy.  Elaine Baillie and her team are doing a great job leading this crucial ministry.

My hope and prayer going forward is to be able to continue to meet with those in leadership in our province and to let them know that the church is praying for them.

Murray Coughlan