Thursday, June 02, 2016

Across The Country - A New Chapter in Saskatchewan

Meet Dr. Scott Francis!  Husband, Father, Executive Coach, Podcaster, Chaplain and Volunteer Fireman!  We could go on, but there just isn't enough space!  We are thrilled to have Scott serving with us in Saskatchewan.  

In between spring grass fires and visits to the Legislature, Scott shares the following:

This has been an exciting couple months!  I joined the Leading Influence team in Saskatchewan following the conclusion of the recent provincial election.  Since then life has been a bit of whirlwind finding my feet in a new role.

It was incredibly inspiring to attend the MLA swearing-in ceremony. Most impressive was to see a group of people committing themselves to serve in the full knowledge that this will be a difficult and challenging job. Their decision to give of themselves inspired me to commit myself to support them both emotionally and spiritually.

The first few days of spring session made it very clear that SK MLA’s have a significant amount of work ahead of them. There are difficult decisions on the horizon that will test their wisdom, strength and courage. They truly need our prayers and support.

Leaders in the public service face make great sacrifices, which can result in deep challenges. It is easy to run out of emotional and spiritual gas. When a person’s internal life becomes depleted, it can lead to stress and difficulty. Leaders with the best of intentions can be blind-sided and become derailed both professionally and personally. 

My passion is to contribute to the inner spiritual life of the MLAs and to help them live in a way that builds substance. Please pray for me as I do it.  


Ray Baillie said...

Congratulations on this posting Dr. Scott -your willingness to step into these shoes means this group of MLA's in this important Province will have a source of inspiration, personal support and prayer as they walk out their role in public office; something everyone needs, but many lack. You are blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for being available to God and those He sends you to.

Sarah Mantha said...

So proud to know you Dr. Scott Francis! This is awesome. Looks like God has you doing some great things in life. I wanted to thank you for what you had to say about allowing your inner live to run dry and how that can affect the amount of stress and difficulties you face. I remember you teaching us that concept back in the days of youth group and God just reminded me of that truth the other day. I just finish moving to a new home and with that I feel God is calling me to have a fresh start spiritually as well...reprioritizing my life to allow Him more fully to do what he needs and wants in my life. I'm looking forward to this new chapter of life He has me in. Thanks for being such a good influence on me still Scott! ...and for all you're doing to influence the people close to you that God has brought your way. May the Lord bless you as you pour out your life for Him.

moosedoc1957 said...

Praying for you Scott! May you we extraordinarily wise, compassionate and sensitive. May you be able to speak truth in love and see humanity in loss and trouble. I had several MLAs as patients including a premier, and they do put their pants on the same way we do. They need prayer, love, understanding and support. Go Scott!!!