Thursday, June 02, 2016

Across the Country - Alberta Update

I'm excited about the opportunity to serve at the Alberta Legislature.  It has been both rewarding and challenging.  Rewarding in that I have had the opportunity to meet with MLAs from each caucus.  These interactions happen sometimes through my own initiative and sometimes through theirs.  I am pleased with either option as it gives me the opportunity to connect, hear and share with those God has called to lead our province.  This gives me confidence that the ministry is valuable and needed. 

With the current economic challenges and Fort Mac forest fire situation, our province is walking through a difficult time.  Our leaders need the support and ministry that we are able to provide.

Our leaders also need your ongoing prayer support.  Please visit to track with our daily MLA prayer strategy.  Elaine Baillie and her team are doing a great job leading this crucial ministry.

My hope and prayer going forward is to be able to continue to meet with those in leadership in our province and to let them know that the church is praying for them.

Murray Coughlan

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