Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Ironman of Golf Version 6.0

The IronMan of Golf!

Version 6.0 

The IronMan of Golf  is our summer fundraiser and helps us meet our annual budget.  Our goal for this summer is to raise $7000 and its important that we reach it!  Our fall/summer ministry travel plans depend on these resources and we need your help to make it happen.

The IronMan of golf works as follows:

1.  Make a pledge.  You can pledge/hole or simply make an event pledge.  
           $10/hole is a $1000 pledge.  
           $5/hole is a $500 pledge.  
           $2.50/hole is $250 pledge
           $1.00 hole is $100 pledge
           Or you can pledge another amount of your choosing. 

           Click here to make a pledge.

2. Follow Through.  
         You can pay your pledge immediately by credit card, online banking or by cheque. 
         If you prefer to wait until after the event, that's fine with us.  We will contact you after              the event.

3.  Watch Tim's progress on our Leading Influence Facebook Page on June 21.  

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