Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post-Election Reflections

Most of the pundits have had their say on the come back from the brink electoral miracle we saw a few weeks ago.  It was a stunning turn around of fortunes for the BC Liberals and can only be seen as a huge disappointment for the BC NDP.  Here are my 'Post-Election Reflections'.

I am tremendously proud of the prayer campaign that we ran for the 60 days preceding election day.  We had hundreds of people across BC praying every day that God would use this election to accomplish His purposes for our province and that He would give us leaders of His own choosing.  I believe that what we did was a HUGE FACTOR in the outcome!  We have seen somewhere between 13 and 17 Christians voted into office. I am MOST EXCITED about this result!  God is not partisan, but He has shown again that He is Sovereign.  This is a huge answer to our prayers and a confirmation that the ministry of PrayBC was both effective and fruitful. Simply put...PRAYER WORKS!

Today, we have strong Christian members who sit on both sides of the House.   Those I know are people with a strong faith and a commitment to serve God as they serve the people of BC.   This is a blessing to our province. My great hope is that the Church across BC will continue to stand in the gap for all MLAs as they serve our province.  While we are blessed with a strong contingent of Christian members, we must remember that we live in a democracy and not a theocracy and adjust our expectations accordingly.  By God's grace those who have been elected to serve will find favor and be effective as both salt and light in their respective caucuses.  At Leading Influence, we are committed to helping them do that in the best way we can.

In a few weeks, MLAs will be sworn into office and our work of serving, supporting and encouraging members continues.  We are looking forward to the next 4 years!