Friday, October 09, 2015

Pursuing Our Vision

Our vision for Leading Influence has always had a national focus.  We see chaplains in every province and territory providing ministry care to elected leaders.  It's an enormous challenge that continues to stretch us.

Several years ago, our board went through a visioning process.  We created a strategic plan that called for Tim's role to change within the ministry so that we could move forward in pursuing the vision that God has put in our hearts.  In light of the challenges and opportunities before us as we seek to establish Leading Influence in Ontario and Eastern Canada, it's become apparent that we have reached the point for Tim's role to shift from ministry DELIVERY to ministry DEVELOPMENT.

While Tim will remain connected to BC, he will do so in a diminished role as Jason Goertzen has joined our BC team.  Tim's new focus will be twofold.  His first responsibility will be to ensure that our team of chaplains are well supported, resourced and equipped to effectively and capably serve our elected leaders.  His second focus will be to ensure that we successfully launch Leading Influence in Ontario.

Ontario is a significant challenge for us.  It is crucial for us to plant a strong successful chaplaincy in Toronto.  While we are confident that God has prepared someone to serve MPPs in Ontario, we have yet to find him/her.  In the short term, Tim will commute to Toronto one week/month in order to establish the ministry at Queens Park and to create awareness within Ontario as a whole but particularly in the Greater Toronto Area.  

This is an enormous task that will require tremendous resources.  We need your help!  We would like to invite you to consider partnering with us in the great cause of reaching out to elected officials through relationally based ministry.  You can help us financially by clicking here!  

Thanks for your support!

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