Monday, September 29, 2014

He vs. She - The Rubber Match

After a hard fought battle last year, the 3rd Annual He vs.She Half-Marathon looms large on the horizon.  This epic fundraising battle of the sexes between Tim and Barb happens again this fall, culminating with the Good Life Half Marathon on Oct 12.  In year 1, Tim had some last minute help to get him over the top!  Last year, Barb got some significant help from her 'California Cousins' to put her over the top.  This year... it's anyone's challenge!!

The plan is simple.  Sponsor the participant of your choice on either a per/km basis or at a flat rate. A half marathon is 21 kms, so a $5/km pledge is a $105 commitment, $10/km is $210. 

Bragging rights and the right to be called 'Champ' for the entire year are on the line!  You get to decide who holds the title!!

Our goal for this fundraiser is $5500. It is a planned part of our regular budget that helps us provide ministry to MLAs.  This is a fantastic way for those of you who believe in what we do but don't often have the opportunity to get to a local fundraiser to support the work of Leading Influence.  We need and value your financial partnership!

Make your pledge by clicking here!  Thanks for your support! 

Pledge deadline is October 12 at midnight!

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