Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Embracing My Pentecostal Inner Self...

I have wrestled with being Pentecostal for a long time.

Sometimes I want to downplay the whole thing, become more sophisticated and strategic and just be part of the broader church as it just seems to have less "baggage" associated with it than what Pentecostalism brings with it. (Especially with our "nuttier" members of the family... I just get tired of explaining flakiness...)

It seems that while Pentecostal culture may be slowly and subtly infiltrating the broader church, it appears that Pentecostal Power is missing in action among our own ranks. Adopting/Embracing the best parts of our culture is easy, because we have some very good things going on. Our culture (in theory) is participatory, energetic and enthusiastic, but none of these things on it's own will change the world. Let's face it, the devil doesn't run and hide just because you raise or clap your hands when you sing. He doesn't freak out if you dance a little jig and he really doesn't tremble just because you become emotional at times. Pointing to the infiltration of Pentecostal culture as a sign of our success is at best desperate and at worst pretty lame. Pentecostal culture is okay, but it's not what has set the world on fire time and time again...

There are other times, in my life (like now...) when I think the answer is just to be a "holy ghost guy" and let God take care of the details. I'm not elitist at all. I don't think I'm better than any other believer because I am coming to terms with my "Pentecostal Inner Self".

I confess that I'm attracted to spiritual power. I love the thrill that comes with prophesying, praying and preaching in a Pentecostal context. I love it when GOD shows up in a prayer meeting, church service or altar service and absolutely takes control and sets my plans on their ear. I'm not an elitist by any stretch of the imagination. All I'm saying is that Pentecostalism in it's truest form fully expects that GOD is VERY INTERESTED in being SUPERNATURALLY INVOLVED in EVERY PART of our lives. There's an expectation that "God Moments" or "God things" can happen at any moment and there's something about that paradigm that works like a nuclear reactor inside of me generating both spiritual passion and spiritual power.

My favorite ministry memories are driving home after church saying to Barb - "Can you believe what happened tonight?" Did you see what God did??

Anyway - bottom line - I'm happy that the church is embracing Pentecostal culture.

My prayer is that it would be overtaken with Pentecostal Power!

Check back later, you might find my "I AM PENTECOSTAL" rant!

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Michellebelle said...

Sorry but I think that denominationalism is a sin.I threw off that cloak a long time ago.I prefer the term,bible believing Yeasha freak.