Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Surrendering And Suffering

This came in my email this morning. This is a huge 'life lesson'. It's a lesson that changes the way we live our lives. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder. I hope this serves that purpose for you.


Over the last year I have spent more time meditating on and practicing surrendering. Why? Because I have had my share of suffering and have discovered that surrendering is the way out of it and into peace.

Some people feel that fighting is the way to get free. I am here to tell you it is absolutely not. Fighting is the way to stay in pain and suffering. I know you also deal with suffering, simply because you are human.

The Top 10 Distinctions between Surrendering and Suffering

10- Surrendering is simply saying YES to life Suffering is saying NO to life.

9- Surrendering brings the peace that passes understanding Suffering is continual stress, frustration and confusion.

8- Surrendering is simply following your heart. Suffering comes from being driven by your ego.

7- Surrendering empowers people to share Suffering is the result of selfishness.

6- Surrendering allows creativity. Suffering is the result of being reactive.

5- Surrendering is the way to sweet success and victory. Suffering is the bitter taste of failure and defeat.

4- Surrendering flows with the river of life. Suffering tries to swim against the current.

3- Surrendering allows you to have a higher perspective. Suffering comes from an extremely limited perspective.

2- Surrendering is the lesson. Suffering is the teacher.

1- Surrendering gives you the benefits of humility. Suffering is the consequence of arrogance.

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