Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Getting Ready for The Fall Session

Getting ready for the Fall Session

The government has anounced that the Legislature will resume on August 25 with a Speech From the Throne, followed by a Budget Speech on September 1. This is an unusually early start to the session and will undoubtedly be a very challenging one as the government seeks to address the current economic situation.

The new session is also an exciting one for us as a ministry as this is the first time that we have been in place when a new Parlaiment has come together.  We've been successful in laying a stable ministry foundation over the last two years and are able to move forward with some exciting ministry plans.  

We are currently preparing to launch a regularly scheduled devotional meeting for members at their request.  In general this will simply be a gathering for those who would like to receive spiritual encouragement and pray together on an ongoing basis.  As with everything we do, it will be non-partisan and designed to be supportive and encouraging for those who will come.  This comes at the request of several members and represents a major step forward for us. 

Our second initiative is in it's infancy but also represents some exciting steps forward.  Several members of our core prayer team have developed what we are calling a 'Prayer Tour' of the Legislative Precinct.  The vision is to use the points of interest as catalysts to prayer along specific themes.  I'm very excited about what they have put together and think it will pay tremendous dividends as we begin to use the ministry tool.  Soon, we will be able to invite teams to Victoria to visit the Legislature, go on a prayer tour and spend a day or two with us.  Our plans are still in development, but we wanted you to know about what we are doing so that you can make plans to join us at some point in the future.

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