Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ordinary People. Extraordinary God

I love what God does in the midst of our ordinary moments!

I can’t help but think about how God invades the ordinary in the lives of the key characters in the Christmas story. Mary was just a young woman in love with a carpenter named Joseph. She was busy making wedding plans when her ordinary routine was interrupted by an angel. Joseph’s ordinary sleep was interrupted by what he thought was a dream. The magi’s study of the stars was interrupted by strange sign. Zechariah’s priestly routine was interrupted by an appearance by Gabriel, Simeon and Anna were faithful saints who were interrupted by the appearance of the Messiah.

God is the perfect Interrupter. He is a master at interrupting our ordinary so that we can be a part of the extraordinary thing that He is doing.

I’ve come to believe two things.

1. God is constantly working on fulfilling His perfect plan.

We know that He is constantly working out everything for our highest good. It’s what He promises He will do. He’s also doing the same thing for everyone else who loves him and is called according to his purpose.

2. He wants you and me to be a part of that plan.

I heard someone pray something like this today. ‘God we know we can do nothing without you and that You do nothing without us.’ I think that’s a profound spiritual truth. Christmas would not have happened unless ordinary people said yes to an extraordinary God and His outrageous plan.

I’m convinced that God interrupts our lives more often than we realize. They key for you and me is to shift our thinking from expecting angelic announcements and to simply learn to read the signals. His interruptions come in spontaneous thoughts, in unusual circumstances and through ‘God moments’ when He puts people in our path who are ready to receive His love and grace. Watch for them and enjoy the interruptions!


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