Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Gordon Campbell Resigns as Premier and Leader of Liberal Party

Gordon Campbell resigned as Premier of British Columbia and Leader of the Liberal Party this morning in Vancouver.  He has served as member of the BC Legislature for 16 years and as Premier since 2001.  Prior to his election to the BC Legislature he also served 3 terms as Mayor of Vancouver.  We wish to recognize Mr. Campbell's many years of public service and thank both him and his wife and family for the many hours of time and energy that he has given in service to British Columbia.  We pray God's blessing upon Mr. Campbell and his wife as they move forward into a new chapter of their lives.  

The BC Liberals will be choosing an interim leader who will act as Premier until a new leader can be chosen.  We encourage our many ministry friends and prayer partners to make this matter a significant prayer focus as the decision will affect our province in very significant ways.

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