Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missing In Action

I was listening to CKNW this morning.  Joy McPhail was the guest.  Ms. McPhail is a former cabinet minister and leader of the NDP.  She was announcing her support of Adrian Dix for the position of leader of the NDP.   I've met Mr. Dix.  I think he's a good and decent man. 

During the call in portion of the program, a caller raised some concerns that he has about decisions Mr. Dix has made in the past.  He felt that those decisions were a reflection of Mr. Dix's character.  In attempting to come to his support, Ms. McPhail's response to the caller went something like this:  'Your standards are too high.  You need to relax.  If you insist on having people of impeccable character to lead you won't find anyone to serve.'

It's hard for me to define which part of her response was more disconcerting.  Her response was so adamant and shocking to me that I pulled over to make sure I was really hearing what I thought she was saying.

I passionately disagree with Ms. McPhail.  I think most British Columbians would as well. 

I believe that our province should only be led by people of impeccable character. I don't think it's an unreasonable or unrealistic expectation.  The irony of her statement is profound to me.  The Legislature is built around the premise of honourable men and women doing honourable work.  I realize that the public perception of politicians and politics is quite different, but if those who lead us are anything less than men and women of character, the future of our province is in serious jeopardy.  We deserve better than the substandard quality of leader that she is suggesting we should embrace.

Character might be missing in action in Ms. McPhail's world but I believe it is alive and well in the hearts of many British Columbians who are committed to living at a higher and more excellent standard. 

God, give us leaders of impeccable character who will cause our province to prosper!

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