Friday, December 16, 2011

The Year In Review

Near the end of December, my sons and I sit down and watch multiple versions of the best sports Plays of the Year.  We laugh, cheer, replay and 'wow' our way through at least one hour (but usually several...) of some of our favourite moments.  As much as I enjoy that time, the opportunity to recall the good things that God has done for LIM in the past year is much more satisfying to me.  God has been very good to us in 2011.  Because of what we do, we aren't able to share everything with you, but here the best of what we can.  We hope you enjoy it!

January - With the help of some good friends, we revamped all of our print and web material and developed some new tools to assist us in resource development.  That might not sound very exciting, but we were in desperate need of some help in this area.  God brought some key people to us at just the right time.

February - The Legislature resumed with a very unique climate.  Both parties were in a leadership race. In the midst of it all, we were able to renew the ever important ministry relationships that are the foundation of our work.  I was also able to attend the Liberal leadership election in Vancouver.

March - I attended the swearing in ceremony for the new Premier and Cabinet at Government House.  It's always an honour to be present for special moments like this.  It gives us opportunity to connect with new minister and communicate our intention to serve them and pray for them.

April - The NDP selected Adrian Dix as their new leader.  The Legislature resumed regular sittings at the end of April in yet another new environment. It would be safe to say that change was a constant factor for us through the spring.

May - We hosted our 5th Annual MLA Prayer Breakfast.  This is our showcase event and we had our best response ever.  23 Members and a total of almost 150 guests joined us for breakfast in what has become a highlight for the Members.  Our speaker was Corey Toews from Level Ground Coffee.  Corey did an amazing job for us.  If you see Level Ground Coffee at the store, buy a package and support a company with a conscience!

June - Featured our first ever Ironman of Golf.  Tim played 100 holes of golf in a single day as a fundraiser for a travel budget through the summer.  Because of the infrequency of sitting days in the spring, we wanted to have the freedom to connect with members through the summer.  Olympic View Golf Course was a fantastic venue and the event was a huge success because so many were so generous.  Thanks again for your support!  Wait till you see what happened in July because you gave!

July - Was INCREDIBLE!  Tim and Barb were invited to attend a Caucus retreat at Harrison Hot Springs.  (it's tough, but someone has to go!)  This opportunity may have been the most important 24 hours of our summer.  By God's grace we saw a marriage restored and an MLA's wife come to faith in Christ over the week that followed because we were able to be present and provide them with the support and ministry that they needed at that time.

August - We took some vacation time and visited a number of churches to share the work and vision of LIM.

September - Marked the beginning of fundraising season.  We help fundraisers in Kamloops, Langley and Victoria.  We are always appreciative of the support that we receive at these events and more importantly, the relationships that we begin, strengthen and renew.  The relationships are always the best part.

October - The Legislature resumed with a new Throne Speech and Agenda.  It also marked the beginning of our best fall season thus far.  Not a day has gone by without some meaningful interaction with at least one MLA.  In the first 2 weeks of the session, I was able to pray with at least one MLA every day.  This is another remarkable first for us.

November - Early in the month, I received word from a Minister's aide expressing interest in starting a bi-partisan prayer meeting.  This is an answer to a long held goal.  Our initial meting has been re-scheduled to late December, but I'll keep you posted.  On another note, we were able to assist Christian Embassy from Ottawa by coordinating a meeting between an MLA and two visiting Ambassadors.  We met in the Cabinet offices in Vancouver which was another first for us.

December - Our December story has yet to be written, but we are confident that it will be as remarkable as the rest of 2011 has been.  Our hope is to finish the year in a strong financial position that will allow us to be positioned to launch LIM in Alberta in 2012.  Click here if you would like to partner with us by giving online.  If you would like to give by cheque, please ensure that your gift is postmarked by Dec 31.  We know that God is faithful and good and are confident that we will reach our goal! 

Our prayer for you in 2012 is that it will be abundant and overflowing with God's goodness and blessing in every part of your life, home, business and relationships.  Thanks again for your partnership and for standing with us!   May you be abundantly blessed in the New Year.

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