Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Do You Think The ....?

I've heard the question so often, I almost want to finish for the person asking it.  'What do you think the government's chances are for re-election?'  That usually launches me into a conversation about how Leading Influence is non-partisan and how that what we do is provide Chaplaincy services and that it's not prudent for me to make political comment.  And then they lean in and ask again... but what do you really think is going to happen?  The question is as tempting to me as I'm sure the fruit that the serpent offered to Eve was, but I still can't answer.I have my ideas about what could happen in the election and as fascinating as that might be to me, there's something that excites me even more. Let me tell you about it...

 PrayBC is the prayer ministry of Leading Influence.  It's the vehicle we use to encourage prayer for our political leaders and to communicate prayer needs to our prayer network.  During the last election, we became the largest prayer network in BC and had almost 2000 people praying with us on a daily basis that God would use the election to accomplish His purposes for our province.  We did it using a daily email. 

With the election 8 months away, we've been talking about what could happen if we pressed beyond email and dared to think and dream bigger.  So here's what we have in mind.  We want to spark a prayer movement across our province during the election campaign that will be bigger than anything that has been done before. We believe that as literally thousands of people begin to pray, God will hear us and respond in remarkable ways.  Our prayers will reflect who we are as a ministry and be non-partisan in focus, but the unrelenting cry of our hearts will be 'Let your kingdom come, let your will be done.'

Email is good, but its' limitations.  We'll certainly use social media, but we want greater visibility that we believe will result in greater participation.  Here's what we see.  We plan to buy signage on city busses.  The signs are protected from vandalism, cleaned daily and are constantly moving and are at windshield height.  We've got some other ideas too, but this is the big one that I want to share with you.

We'll need to raise $30,000 to do this the way we believe it needs to be done.  Before you check out and think that's impossible, let me say that our God specializes in doing the impossible and we are very convinced that He's eager to see this happen.  Our plan is to break it down into 'bus sized' chunks to make it easier for people to pariticipate.  We are going to need your help to make this happen.  It's bold, it's big and it's very exciting when we think about what can happen.  We'll be back with more information in the coming months.  In the meantime, pray for us.  We are going to need plenty of help!


Posted by Roland, The 20 Minute Runner said...


Great idea. I will mention it on ep. 98 of the show, if that's ok.
Blessings, Roland

Tim Schindel said...

That's very okay! Thanks Roland. Nice to hear from you!