Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Throne Speech Prayer - June 2013

It was my privilege to open the 40th session of the BC Parliament in prayer today.  This week also marks the start of our 7th year of living in Victoria. 

This is the 2nd time I've been afforded the privilege of opening in prayer for the Throne Speech.  You can read about the first time here. (Someone actually forgot they were scheduled to pray and I was called from the gallery to 'pinch hit'.  It was a pretty remarkable moment...) The difference between then and now is amazing.  Then, I prayed in a group of strangers.  Today, I prayed for friends and people that I have walked with  and built relationships with for the past 6 years.  BC is blessed with some incredible people who freely give themselves to serve us.  What an incredible privilege I have to serve God in this way! 

Here's the prayer I prayed today. Take a minute to pray it along with me.

God in Heaven, we thank you for the bounty and beauty of our great province and the many ways in which You have blessed us. We live in a majestic land that is rich in beauty, in natural resources and in the diversity of gifts, talents and abilities instilled in the many people who call British Columbia their home.
We pray today for those who have been chosen to lead our province both in government and opposition for the next 4 years.   Give them strength to walk with integrity and honor.  Help them to do what is right, to govern from a place of compassion and to walk with great humility before You and the people of British Columbia. 
We pray for our Premier and her Cabinet.  We ask that You will help them set a course that is prudent, compassionate and courageous.  Grant them the ability to see clearly those things that must have the greatest attention and priority in the days to come.

Let your blessing and favor be on our province and those who will lead us forward.



John Twigg said...

I look forward to reporting about this tomorrow afternoon on - B.C.'s only Christian music station

Anonymous said...

Amen! Susan U

Marlene Dalton said...

Awesome prayer Tim.
Marlene D.