Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Great Expectations...

The Legislature resumes next week with the Throne Speech.  Along with the Throne Speech comes pomp and circumstance, protesters, parades, cannon fire, an Honour Guard and the list goes on and on.  My favourite ‘outside’ throne speech moment was the year a protester ran to the front of the marching military band and pretended to be leading the parade himself.  It was great entertainment, especially when he missed the corner where the band turned and was half a block away when he realized his leading had turned into a solitary walk…. But I digress….

Throne Speech day always feels a bit like the first day of camp or school for me.  While MLAs return from every part of the province to do the business of government, I know that God has His own business that He wants to accomplish in their lives.  While the business of government may change laws, tax rates, speed limits and a hundred other things, the business that God has in His heart will change the lives of leaders and as a result impact the lives of 4.3 million British Columbians over the course of time.

I am filled with anticipation about what God will do in the lives of BC MLAs in the next 3 months.  I expect that He will open doors of ministry into previously closed lives.  I expect that there will be opportunities to sow seed in the lives of some and to bring the warmth of God’s love and grace into others.  Most of all, I anticipate that there will be opportunities to see lives impacted in powerful and profound ways by God’s grace and mercy. 

I meet with a group of MLAs who pray together on a weekly basis.  One of them almost always prays and asks God for a revival among his peers and colleagues.  His request has stretched my faith in days gone by, but I am anticipating that I will see God begin to answer what has become our request over the next weeks and months.

As we begin this session, would you pray for us?  We need wisdom, grace, strategies, sensitivity, boldness and discernment as we engage with the leaders of our province and nation.  Thanks for remembering Leading Influence!

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