Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friends, Faith and the Future

This week marks a year since I left the church we had served for 11 years and moved on to a new adventure. It was a scary time, marked with more than a few "sleep diminished" nights, but it remains the right thing to have done. Through those intial first months when things were pretty scary, there were friends and family who reached out and supported us emotionally and spiritually while we walked through a valley that was deeper than we thought it might have been but we made it because they prayed for us and with us, lifted our hands and at times pulled us through into a "good and spacious land". We aren't yet where we want to be, but we are a long ways from where we used to be. They reached out because they love us and believe in us. I've got to say that in some cases I was surprised at the depth of concern and where it came from. Some people whose lives I felt I had touched only in passing, continue to cheer us on in this new journey. One in particular sends me "emails from heaven"... it's always a treat to hear from her...

Some thought we were crazy a year ago. Then again, people thought Abraham, David, Moses and multiple others were crazy too. I'm convinced that you can't reach the fullness of what God has for you by constantly playing it safe. Irrational action when God is in it makes perfect sense. That's not to say that irrational action is always God driven, but throwing something out because "it doesn't make sense" ensures that God doesn't have a chance to do anything in our lives.

So... here's to a life of faith and knowing God's faithfulness at every level knowing that God is Good ALL THE TIME!!


Danica said...

Well, I know that's not me. I always send e-mails from the land of the very confused. I'm glad I got to be good enough friends with you guys before you left that I have been able to keep in touch.

Tim said...

Your emails and questions are always welcome. Knowing you were interested in us really made a difference.