Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Training and Reigning

I don't often watch TV in the morning, but I'm on a road trip and had it on while I got ready for the day. I was watching a Christian Talk Show and the guest was talking about young Josiah. Josiah was one of the kings that God used to bring about revival. What makes him unique is that he assumed the throne when he was 8 and over the span of about 20 years God progressively moved him towards the ability and authority to reign with righteousness.

In the natural, Josiah shouldn't have had a chance... His father and grandfather were both incredibly corrupt and except that God had spoken that he would turn his nation towards Him 300 years before it happened, it's not likely that he would have been much different.

But God had a plan to grow Josiah and so He positioned godly people around him who mentored him towards right choices so that when he was in his late teens he could lead appropriately. The point the guest was making was that Josiah had to learn to reign over the things around him before he could reign over a nation. The same is true with us. Until we are able to reign over our own lives, we won't be great leaders in the world around us.

I'm a great believer in destiny, but until we lead ourselves, our homes and churches well, it's not likely that God is going to give us a whole lot to do outside of that realm.

So... today's message ... train to reign in your own life and watch what God will do with you in the broader circumstances of your life...

Love ya!!


Danica said...

Thanks Tim.
Needed that.
The cheese is all your if you want it by the way. I would have sent it home with Brit last night if I knew you were a fan.
Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

...hey Timmy...Gert here :>)
Soooo sorry I missed you and Barb.
Check your ptim email I sent you guys for a reply from you. I need your email address other than the ptim one. Hugs to Barbie doll.

anonymous Gert