Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Time!!

The big day finally arrived and I "officially" finished my full time employment with iCompass Technologies today. It's been a very good year. I have learned a lot and have come to appreciate many things about life that I had come to take for granted.

After a two week missions trip, I will be ramping up the ministry full time effective January 1 and am looking forward to adding to the traction to we already have.

I heard a song at Harvest City Church a few weeks ago that captured my attention and I want to share it with you today. It's called "It's Time" and speaks about what burns in my heart for our magnificent nation. It's time for Canada to see the great revival that people have been talking about for years. It's time for a revival to sweep our land that will transform every part of our culture and draw men and women, young people and children to the hope of Jesus and the power of the gospel to renew every part of their lives.

Here it is... you'll actually have to click the Media Player button to hear it, but it's very worth it, especially if you close your eyes and see it happen as it plays!!

Looking forward to hearing from you...


stampinsars said...

Hi Tim, Just stopping in to say hello.... You're linked from Louise's blog. I'll come back and surf your blog more when it's not 2:15am - Say hi to Barb!
Sarah (MacKay) Froese :)

jan said...

Awesome song. I am excited about seeing God's timing unfold in your life and ministry. We have had so many prophesies about a mighty move of God in Canada. It's time!!!!!!!

Louise said...

Beautiful lyrics! Everyone needs to listen to them and be challenged! You and Barb are an amazing inspiration and it's so cool to see you doing what God's calling you to do (even though I'm sure there's a lot of "valleys" in the process of stepping out in faith and starting a new ministry!)Blessings to you!