Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day One

Arrived last night - after 18 hours of flying and another 18 of waiting. We were tired and weary to say the least, but after a good sleep we had breakfast together. I'll try to send you pictures later. Let's just say we paid the extra for the Western breakfast rather than risking our lives on the national options...

1/2 our team is visiting with our friends this afternoon. The other half (my half..) will visit with them this evening. We are all excited about the opportunity to finally be together. I did walk in the ocean for a few minutes this morning, just to say I did. Nothing quite like feeling the sand washing away under your feet as the waves return to the sea.

Internet is "spotty" here - sometimes on, sometimes not... I'll try to keep you as posted as I can.

More later!


Sonya said...

That sounds like a brutal day of travel. Dipping your toes in the ocean though, that sounds like something I'd like to do. :)

Louise said...

Be safe - experience lots! You'll be in my prayers too but even after scrolling down a few entries... I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE! :)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to be under the Eastern sky. Chinese Astronomical tables have an account of a star that appeared 2000 years ago. It has been designated as a comet whose appearance was coincident with the vist of the Magi. It has been said that "it seemed to go before them"
Be blessed and highly favored and may you stand in awe of all you experience! Donna Pechie