Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gopher Hunters Keep the Prairie Safe

Reports from the prairies indicate that the gopher infestation has reached epic proportions. The situation has become so severe that serious measures are being implemented to address the issue. The government has hired two "gopher assasins" to begin immediate extermination of any and all gophers. Their orders are to shoot to kill any and all gophers on sight with the exception of "Gainer" who is generally only seen at Roughrider games.

In order to avoid any confusion about the identity of these highly trained assasins, we are releasing their photos to the public for quick identification and also to demonstrate their immediate success in exterminating the vermin.

Zack "Go Ahead... Make My Day" Schindel

Toothless Tyler Schindel
"The Terminator"
These assasins were trained by their uncle Rodger "is that gunfire I hear?" Gregor, and are skilled professionals. Thanks to their hard work, dedication and commitment, the prairie will remain safe and free.


Bigfoot said...

You have my permision to shoot Gainer. At least with a supersoaker. Go B.C. go!!!

Tim said...

Our two little assasins are 'orange and green' when it comes to CFL football. We want them to be Lions fan because they win the Grey cup more than twice every century. But.. Barb and I grew up cheering for the 'big Green Machine' so shooting Gainer, even with a supersoaker might cause some fallout at home.

Anonymous said...

Aw, this brings me back to my Saskatchewan roots. Many days were spent chasing the elusive gopher. We used to get 5 cents for evey one we were able to kill. That tells you how long ago this was! Man, I'm getting old!

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing about those days.... but just barely... :-)


Louise said...

Send the boys to my house ASAP! (before the garage & driveway cave-in!)