Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thoughts from the beach...

I took Zoe for a walk today. The upside of this move for her is that she gets a swim in the ocean every few days. If we forget, she will put her paw on your leg, look at you with her brown eyes and just push down. Anyway, I got the 'hint' from her this morning and we went to the beach. While we were there, I saw several jellyfish. One on the beach and one in the surf. Jellyfish are interesting. They rely on the tides, currents to get around.

While I didn't see any today, I know that there are salmon in the same waters where Zoe swims. As I watched the jellyfish float in the surf, I couldn't help but think about the strength and determination of the salmon. We used to go observe the Adams River Salmon Run near Kamloops. It's pretty impressive to watch thousands of salmon work their way up the river to lay their eggs especially when you consider the journey that they make in order to do it. It's no easy feat to survive 3 years in the open ocean, escape fishing lures, nets, natural predators and ulitmately swim up the Fraser River, through the Fraser Canyon, Little Shuswap Lake and into the Adams River. It's not the kind of journey that a jellyfish could make.

It occurs to me that life requires us to be more like salmon than jellyfish. There are times and seasons in our lives where it's okay, even necessary to float, but most of the time, getting to where we want to be requires us to swim, work against the current and overcome the challenges that stand between where we are and where we want to be. Keep swimming. You'll get there!


Anonymous said...

I love the ocean. I would possibly tolerate a 'soggy cardboard box on the wrong side of the train tracks', if it were within walking distance to the beach. Zoe and I think alike.

Tim said...

Danica - I saw a great spot for you today. Waterfront, granite floor, lots of exposed cedar and fir. It had a very breezy feel to it and I think that you could build one just like it in an afternoon of scavenging on the beach ... :-)

Jan said...

You would have loved Pastor Andrew's message yesterday. His text was from Mark 4:35. He talked about pressing on through the storms. Same theme as your salmon analogy.

I love the ocean! If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be by the sea. Must be my Newfie ancestory.