Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finding the Key

Almost a year before we moved here, we were given a promise that the Lord already had the key for a house for us in Victoria. The challenge for us was to find the key. We looked everywhere. What we found was either overpriced, too small, wrong neighborhood or needing more work than what we could handle.

And then... we found an open house that looked interesting. It wasn't what we would have normally considered, but the layout, space, yard, location and neighborhood were perfect for us. So, we put in an offer that was accepted, have arranged our financing and are looking forward to living in our own place again. It has 4 bedrooms a family room/den, a private teaching area for Barb. (I may never hear another piano lesson again...) It has room for a garage, a fenced yard, sunny patio, 2 4 piece baths, STORAGE, attic access with those cool drop down stairs. (Zack says he wants to have 'his space' up there.) It will certainly add to the 'hide and seek' options...

Here are some pictures for you.

From the street
The view from front door looking out toward the yard

The Kitchen

(the yellow paint is going and will be replaced with something warmer)

The Living Room and Dining Room. The DR is where the fireplace is. The patio doors open up onto several large decks.

We are so excited about what the Lord has done for us and look forward to taking possession and making it our our home in the new year. The house is near the church where I was formerly on staff. We have many friends there and look forward to being able to be more involved now that there is some permanence about our where we will be living. An added bonus is that Tyler will have the option of attending a brand new school (with sports teams...) that is about 3 blocks from our house. Zack and Britt will finish the year where they are. Because of the way High School is structured, Brittany will be the only person in our family to start High School 3 times!


Jan said...

It looks wonderful. What a great Christmas present from our Father who loves us and knows just what we need. Praise God! The private place for music lessons will be terrific. I know Barb will enjoy having that special space.

Sonya said...

Your new place looks great! Can't wait to see pictures after you're all moved in and settled.