Monday, December 31, 2007

Raising the Standard

Canadians for Moral Clarity and the Canadian Prayer Network are inviting local churches across Canada on January 6 & 7 to a National Prayer Initiative:

“Raising the Standard”

The purpose of the National Initiative, “Raising the Standard” is to pray for the raising up of righteous leadership in our government according to Daniel 2:21,22.

Background to “Raising the Standard” Prayer Initiative:
In November 2004 at an Impact Cities-Influence Nations Conference in Montreal, Dr. Cindy Jacobs called national leaders to pray for our government according to Isaiah 22:22 and Daniel 2:21,22. The following day of the conference, after praying that God would expose the “hidden works of darkness”, a leader was removed from the Prime Minister’s cabinet and the following year the scandal in Quebec was brought to light.

In January 2006 before the last national election, 60 different locations from Halifax to Vancouver Island were united to pray for “righteous government”. Believers gathered in local churches and inter-church prayer rallies across the nation from sea to sea. During this intensified 24-hour prayer initiative the polls suddenly changed in Quebec. Weeks after, the elections brought in a minority government. Today on Parliament Hill we believe there are more righteous leaders in government positions because God answered our prayer.

Will you join “Raising the Standard” National Prayer Initiative Sunday, January 6 by including special prayer in your services for the raising up of righteous leaders in our land?

Please understand this is not a prayer initiative to support partisan politics, but to see God raise up a righteous government. Your participation in this prayer initiative is greatly needed to help shape the future of Canada!

If you are able to participate please respond by email to

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