Monday, January 28, 2008

Dedication Celebration

After weeks of planning and preparing, we celebrated the dedication and one year anniversary of Leading Influence Ministries on January 24th. We had a great response from our partners and friends here in Victoria and a few guests from out of town. It was an exciting and very moving evening. Here are some pictures and commentary from the evening.

Barb Schindel and Kevin Smith leading worship. It was incredible to sing some of the old hymns in such a beautiful venue. Barb shines as a worship leader at any time but was even better than usual on this night. Kevin led "Amazing Grace" during the offeratory and it was fantastic.

Arne Bryan, Prayer Canada (left) Dave Hauser (LIM Board Secretary) (right)

Arne Bryan is a legend. He founded Prayer Canada over 35 years ago and is a pioneer in the area of inspiring the church to pray for government. He has prayed with provincial premiers from across the country as well as countless mayors. Our ministry growth and success thus far has come largely because of the vision and ministry of Prayer Canada. We are grateful to Arne for his support, partnership and constant encouragement.

Rob Parker is the Director of the National House of Prayer. The NHOP facilitates a 24/7 prayer meeting for the government of Canada. While Parlaiment is in session they ensure that there are people praying in the public galleries that the Lord's will is done on behalf of our nation in the decisions that are made. He travels nationally and internationally supporting and encouraging those who are called to stand in the gap on behalf of the leaders of our nations. It was an honor to have Rob with us for this event as his schedule is extremely hectic. He brought a powerful word of encouragement for us and graciously shared his time with us over the two days that he was with us.

Here are some close up family shots that were taken during the prayer of dedication. Barb is in the centre and has been brave, courageous and bold through this ministry transition. She's also been a constant source of encouragement and blessing. Brittany is our daughter. As Arne prayed over us that night, he singled her out as representing the generations that will follow. She has made some huge adjustments during the past year and has done remarkably well. We are very proud of her.

This shot was taken during Arne's prayer over us. Arne reminds me of Caleb in the Old Testament. He is focused on what God has called him to do is determined to fulfill it. It was an honor to have him pray over us as we dedicated ourselves and the ministry to the Lord's purposes.

This is a gift that was given to us by Rob Parker on behalf of the NHOP. It's a print of a painting done by Steve Stanczyk titled "For God and Country". Donna Pechie (on the left) coordinates the Prayer component of the ministry and also serves on our ministry board. The event would not have happened without Donna's leadership and involvement.

Here's a picture of our desert tables and Jordan Pechie who was the official cake cutter for the evening. We had a great party with perfectly cut pieces of cheese cake. Thanks for your excellent ! work Jordan!

Some candid shots with friends and partners.

This was an exciting and rewarding day that marked an important step in our journey. While we've made some great progress, I remain humbled at the size of the task that is before us. Unless the Lord goes with us, it will be impossible to fulfill what He has put in my heart. But with God, all things are possible and so we carry on, believing that He is able and will continue to open doors and go before us every step of the way. Thanks for believing, praying and standing with us!

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