Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Win!

One of the holiday traditions at our house is watching the World Junior Hockey Championships. When Canada is on the ice, not much else happens except for the cheering, groaning and ‘hi-five’s’ when Canada scores. During the gold medal game, the celebration includes dancing by our youngest son. (This is probably THE highlight of the game for us.)

There are times that we’ve watched re-broadcasts of the game because we enjoyed the outcome so much. What’s really interesting is that we approach a game we know our team has won with much more confidence than when we don’t know the outcome.

When I read the last few chapters of Revelation I am reminded over and over again that when it’s all said and done, WE WIN!

We win over sickness, we win over death, we win over sin, darkness and evil. We win in spite of the schemes and plans of our enemy.

Revelation reminds me that we win because of our relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our victory rests on the power of the cross and resurrection.

Revelation also reminds me that we overcome because of His blood AND by the WORD of our testimony. Our testimony of the grace, goodness, blessing, promises and power of God at work in our lives is critical to the fulfillment of His destiny for our lives.

With that in mind, I am approaching 2008 with fresh faith and confidence that the Lord will fulfill His plans for my life, family, our ministry partners and the ministry itself.

I believe that 2008 will be a year of unprecedented opportunity, blessing and growth for the ministry and our partners. My prayer for you this year is that heaven will open over your life, and that you will experience a level of blessing in your body, relationships and finances that will surpass what you are able to contain.

Have an awesome year!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN! (I just about got up and did a little dance)