Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Singer...

Those of you who know Barb will know that she has an amazing voice and that she is a gifted worship leader. What you may not know is that she has spent the last year working very hard on her Gr. 10 vocal exam for the Royal Conservatory of Music.

She did her exam several weeks ago and got her results this week. In true fashion, her hard work was rewarded with an excellent result. She got 86 on her exam which she tells me is extraordinary. I'm really proud of her and even though I've yet to hear her sing in Italian, French and German, I've promised to sit in the front row for the family concert she will be doing when her mom comes for a visit.

Way to go Barb, we are all proud of you and your wonderful and talented (albeit non-posting) accompanist, Bonnie!

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Sonya said...

Way to go Barb! That's a great accomplishment! I hope I get to hear you sing any language. :)