Monday, June 02, 2008

PrayBC Less Than a Week Away!

PrayBC is less than a week away. What began as an idea has become something so much more. We have communities across the province that are joining with us as we worship and pray together for our province. It's going to be an exciting day!

Here's what's happening so far. We have 12 communities that are committed to hosting PrayBC celebrations. If there isn't an event in your community, consider joining up with one in a neighboring community.

Pastors, while it's too late to launch a community event at this point, you might consider taking time during your weekend services to pray along some of the themes that we will be doing in the big events. There are some churches that have opted for this route as it suited their needs better. What matters to us is that we have people participating across the province in this historic event.

Be a part of something big!

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