Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saints Day

Did you know that Nov 1st is 'Saints Day'? It's a day set aside on the church calendar to celebrate the saints, both known and unknown. The intent is to remember the character and exploits of all of those who have run this race before us and to draw inspiration from their example.

I think it's fantastic to look back and celebrate, but I also think it's important to see the saints around us and recognize that inspiration and exploits are happening around us today. The saints are making a difference today. The saints are touching their world and transforming it and shaping it as they do. The saints work as school teachers and aides. They work as nurses and bus drivers. The saints start soup kitchens, street ministries and businesses. The saints run for office, they serve as community leaders and they are members of service clubs.

The saints coach minor league teams, coordinate car pools and work as school volunteers.

The saints make time to pray for their neighbors, communities, schools and governments. Though there are times when the saints are maligned, misunderstood and marginalized, the saints are serving as salt and light and are making a difference in their world.

This is the Day of The Saints!! Enjoy it!

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