Friday, November 28, 2008

So Here's What Happened

Earlier in the week I mentioned that I would be spending more time in prayer for our government and MLA's as they debated the government's 10 point plan to deal with the economy. In addition to thanking you for your interest, I also wanted to tell you what happened.

I continue to be amazed at the response to the email I sent out earlier this week. Over 800 people read it and were praying with us. That is amazing and tremendously encouraging. On Tuesday afternoon I sent an email to the leadership team of the Pastor's prayer group that I belong to inviting them to consider holding their meeting at the Legislature on Thursday morning. I'm delighted to tell you 10 pastors came together to pray that morning. I am so grateful for the favor of God upon the ministry and what we are seeking to do. It was a very dull time in the Legislature that morning as the bill was being debated line by line by a very small group of MLA's, but we prayed that God would accomplish His purposes for our province during this critical time.

I feel like we've turned a very significant corner this fall and that there's a broader level of understanding, acceptance and support for what we are doing. Our last two public events have been well supported by local pastors which is very encouraging.

Even the MLA's I was able to see expressed their appreciation for what we are doing. I have a very clear sense that God is preparing us for the next step in moving the ministry forward here in BC during the Spring session.

Thanks again for praying and standing with us. Knowing you were there has made this an awesome week!

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