Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fear, Faith and Facing the Future

Depending on who you are, there's probably good reason to be afraid as we begin 2009. I heard that in addition to a 1 TRILLION dollar deficit the US Government is preparing a 700 BILLION dollar economic stimulus package. Our Prime Minister is openly using the word 'Depression' to describe the current economic situation. 200,000 Canadians are expected to lose their jobs in 2009.

There's a war in the Middle East (again), a new President in the US who everyone hopes will solve the world's problems (He won't and can't) and Russia is threatening to turn off the natural gas supply to the Ukraine. None of this sounds good. The news is so bad that just today, the family of one of the world's wealthiest men announced that he had ended his life by jumping in front of a train. Apparently the pain and pressure of losing millions in the last few months was more than he could bear. It's tragic, but it underscores a powerful reality. Many people are very afraid of what the future holds.

I am a believer. I believe that God is Big. God is Good and that ANYTHING can happen when we invite Him in. That's why I'm looking at 2009 with a sense of anticipation and expectancy. I am convinced that God has prepared surprises, opportunities, adventures and 'God moments' that go beyond anything that I have ever seen before. The God I know isn't limited by the economy, world events or changes in national or even world leadership. He's not intimidated by any of it. He is unchangeable, unshakable and unstoppable. He is in absolute and complete control and He is constantly working towards accomplishing His plans and purposes for His children.

I am convinced that 2009 belongs to those who believe. When I say that, I don't mean some kind of academic, cerebral recognition that God exists and is alive. I'm saying that 2009 belongs to those who are able to see past the obstacles, challenges and difficulties and into the realm of possibility and opportunity that can only be realized when we stop trying to fix, manipulate and control things with our own abilities, insight and wisdom. When we take our hands 'off', there's room for God to put His hand on whatever it is we are dealing with and in that moment, absolutely anything can happen.

The future is amazing when God is in it! Have a blessed and prosperous 2009!

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Patti said...

I think that in tough times, God raises up the church to be heroes - I'm excited too!