Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheering Them On...

We are having a blast watching the Olympics at our house.  On Sunday night we watched Alexandre Bilodeau win Canada's first gold on home soil.  What an exciting moment.  As I it happened, I thought, this is a defining moment.  You just won't forget where you were when you saw or heard about it.  Then it happened again yesterday.  Maelle Ricker took gold in Snowboard Cross.  If the snow holds and we can score a few more golds on Cypress, a good headline for the Province would be 'Gold Rush on North Shore'. 

I love watching the crowds.  Every time a Canadian athlete is announced the red-clad crowd erupts with a loud and extended cheer. It reminds me of what happens in heaven every day.  Hebrews tells us that there is a great cloud of witnesses (fans) cheering us on as we live out our lives and faith on earth.  Maybe just maybe the population of heaven is really done up in home team colors and every time you and I face temptation, are faced with the choice of doing the right or wrong thing, perform an act of kindness or step out in faith in some way, a loud cheer goes up, led by the Champion of champions who calls our name and shouts 'Go your name here Go' 

Run your race well today.  Heaven is cheering for you!

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Louise said...

Great post! We too watched a lot of Olympics and were proud to be Canadian!