Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missouri Legislators Call for Prayer

Perhaps this is something that should happen in our province....  from the National Prayer Centre in the US.

As the economic worries and struggles gripping our nation persist, there is also a growing openness among many segments of society to seek God's help and provision. The National Prayer Center recently received word of this joyous dynamic taking place in a somewhat surprising place: the Missouri State Legislature. Rev. Paul Meinsen, Director of Capitol Commission Missouri (a group that ministers through prayer and Bible study in state capitols), gave this powerful testimony:

Last week (week of March 1) several Christian leaders met with Key Leaders from both Chambers of the Missouri legislature -- House of Representatives and Senate -- meeting individually with leaders of both political parties. These elected officials all requested prayer as they are desperate for answers as how to balance the budget. They are at the "end of themselves." Because of the state's budget shortfall, they report that the pending budget cuts will cause pain to many of our Missouri citizens. They want to be responsible in balancing the budget, avoiding unnecessary debt that is severely threatening many states. At the same time they hope to avoid the painful cuts that they are now facing in currently preparing the state's budget.

These leaders asked Bob Loggins, Prayer Specialist of the Mo. Baptist Convention, and me as the Midwest National Area Leader for National Day of Prayer to meet with them. They requested a proposal (which is attached), wanting us to mobilize prayer throughout Missouri, which will include 40 Days of Prayer beginning on Monday, March 29.

Remarkable efforts are being made to avoid this great prayer focus being a political event! Indeed this great prayer focus is a bipartisan effort with united support from legislative leaders of both political parties. They want to avoid doing anything - as do we -- that would be divisive or distracting to this thrust of seeking the living God for solutions. They want it that way because they are seeking God -and want us to seek God -- for help, carrying no other agenda.

The plan is to be highlighted by a noon time of prayer (12:00 - 1:30 PM) in the rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City on Monday, March 29th. We have asked Franklin or his son Will Graham to speak and are waiting to see if they are available. The March 29th date is the "kickoff" for the 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer.

The National Prayer Center encourages you to be in prayer for your state leaders as well, as they grapple with difficult financial choices in extremely trying circumstances. Let us seek God that they receive His wisdom and His grace, both in their decisions and in their personal lives.

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