Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Student of The Month

Late last week, our oldest son brought home what looked like a school newsletter. Our lives are pretty busy, so a school newsletter isn't always the first thing that we read.  Yesterday, he casually asked if we had a chance to look at it.  He waved it around and then left it on the table.  After he left we picked it up and noticed that he had been named 'Student of The Month'.

Here's the copy of the article:
This months Student of the Month is Zack Schindel.  Zack gets the award this month because he gets up early every morning to make breakfast for everyone in his house.  After that he runs to school to help his teachers prepare for their day.  After his classwork done, he helps the other members complete theirs.  Rather than spending his free time with his friends at lunch, Zack picks up trash and litter on the school property.  After classes are done for the day he runs to the nearby seniors home where he reads to the residents until dinner time.  He has straight A's and perfect GPA.  Congrats on being an excellent example to all of us Zack!

His 'newsletter' was really a computer science project.  It should also qualify for creative writing...

  Zack, we are very proud of you even if you don't do any of the things that earned you 'Student of the Month'.  Thanks for making us laugh!!

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