Monday, June 07, 2010

You Should Stop Praying!!

Every so often you get to experience something new and fresh.  Last week was one of those moments for me.  I opened an email from someone telling me that if I couldn't do any better than this, I should stop praying and do something else.  As you can imagine, I was a bit puzzled about how my prayers could have failed so miserably.  As I read a little further, I discovered that the writer had determined if I had been more effective in my prayers, BC would have been spared the HST. 

After 27 years of ministry, I've learned that there are a lot of things that pastors can be blamed for.  The music is too loud, too soft, too long, too short, too old, too new.  The sermon is too long, too short, too deep, too light... the heat is .... well you get the general idea...  I may be the first pastor in history to be blamed for a major shift in taxation policy. 

Last week, I went out for dinner with several MLA's.  They were delighted to hear that I was the one to blame for the HST.  One remarked 'had we only known, we would have said something during Question Period!'  On more than a few days through the last session, the government would have appreciated being able to point to someone else.   I can see it now.... 'Mr. Speaker, we implemented the HST because Tim's prayers weren't working.  He's the one to blame for this tax!!' Now THAT would have made for a REALLY interesting day...  Given enough creativity, I might be the reason the Canucks are done too....  LOL!!



Sonya said...

Ha, ha! And I suppose that it's also your fault that there are no Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Your evil knows no limits. ;)

Jackie Godin said...

Sigh! You just can't win, can you? Sometimes there's just no pleasing some people anyhow, but God has a plan...somehow! The trick is finding out what it is! God bless you, Tim Schindel! You need all the blessings you can get. You get more than your share of negativity in your ministry! Hang in there! :-)

Jacko said...

I can see how you could be blamed for the HST & the Canucks. I'm working on other things that I can blame you for too!!!