Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Beginning

I attended the Swearing In Ceremony for Premier Christy Clark and the new Cabinet today.  It's always a privilege to attend special events like this and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be there.

Today was unique in many ways.  While I've attended previous swearing in ceremonies, this felt more like the swearing in of a new government.  It's very obvious that there is a new leader at the helm and that she is intent on making her mark.  That shows up in the smaller cabinet with some new people in the mix.  While I was sad to see some members not return, I was very excited to see my friend the now Hon. Dr. Terry Lake be appointed to the Ministry of the Environment.  I've known Minister Lake for some time and am thrilled to see him named to Cabinet. 

The Lt. Governor brings a very personal touch and warmth to ceremonies like this.  He did it again this afternoon with a few memorable remarks that were both full of wisdom and marked with his unique humour.

The Premier spoke today of a new beginning and a new relationship between the government and the citizens of BC.  She spoke of families becoming the key component in decision making and she spoke of a fresh commitment to education.  These are significant and honorable goals and would mark a dramatic change in the course and direction of the government.  She will need tremendous wisdom and courage to make it happen.

Our new Premier will need the prayers and encouragement of the many who partner with Leading Influence Ministries as well.  I'm proud to say that I'm confident that we can do our part to deliver those things to her and her government.  We will do it through providing onsite pastoral care to members of the Legislature on both sides of the House.  We will do it through continuing to champion a prayer movement that encourages and resources daily prayer for MLA's.  We will do it by informing and encouraging our partners to be a blessing to their MLA's at a local level.


Anonymous said...

So glad that you were there Tim, representing us! And thank you for your commitment and involvement with our leaders. We are standing with you in prayer!

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