Monday, March 14, 2011

Standing With You

I was speaking with the Missions Coordinator of a partner church today.  As we were talking, he commented that I was a part of them and they were a part of what I am doing here in Victoria.  He said 'There are 3000 people standing with you Tim.  We believe in you.' 

While I love what I do and am very excited about the many ways in which the ministry is expanding and growing, I needed to hear that today.  When I started adding up the many who stand with us either directly or indirectly through the financial and prayer support that their church provides, there are probably over 8000 people who are involved with us in some way.  It's been an exciting realization.  It's incredibly humbling, inspiring and frankly mind boggling to me.  I feel a bit like Elisha's prophet who was thinking that he and Elijah were all on their own until God opened his eyes and he saw the armies of God standing by to protect and go to battle on his behalf (2 Kings 6). 

I'm feeling inspired, strengthened and renewed because of what my friend shared with me today.  You are reading this blog or email post today because you are one of the many who stand with us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We are serving, encouraging and blessing leaders together! 

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