Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Suddenly....

It's hard to believe this, but Christmas is only 4 months away.  (I can hear the groans and cheers from here!)  I was reminded of a sentence in one of the records of the first Christmas.  'And suddenly a great crowd of the heavenly host appeared....'  I haven't seen any angel choirs recently, but I feel a bit like the shepherds might have felt on that night. 

Things have been remarkably quiet on the political scene over the past few weeks.  This is usually a time when MLA's and their staff take vacation time from their hectic schedules.  Not a lot happens in August which is why I usually take my vacation at this time of year.

Last Thursday was my first day back in the office.  I was preparing for some Fall Fundraising events when my twitter feed popped up on my screen with a note that Barry Penner had resigned as Attorney General.  It's big news whenever the AG resigns and this was no exception.  Mr. Penner resigned so that he can spend more time with wife and family.  He's done a great job, is well respected and has made an excellent choice at this point in his life.  The Hon. Shirley Bond is taking on a new role and becomes both Attorney General and Solicitor General.  She is hard working, dedicated, wise and full of integrity.  She will do a fantastic job! She also is the first woman in BC to be both AG and SG.  That is quite an accomplishment!

I woke up early on Monday morning and heard the sad news that Jack Layton had passed away.  His passing will have an enormous effect on the federal political landscape and leaves a leadership vacuum in our nation.  Mr. Layton had a vision of Canada that ensured that the poor, weak and oppressed were cared for and empowered.  These are values that resonate with the heart and passion of Jesus and Jack Layton should be celebrated for having them.

On Wednesday Iain Black announced his resignation as member for Port Moody Port Coquitlam.  He will be the new President of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Mr. Black has been a remarkable MLA and former Cabinet Minister.  He's also a family man and a job that allows him to be home every night is a very good thing for him and his family. 

On Friday, we will hear the results on the HST referendum.  After 2 long years, the people will have their say and we will live with the decision of the majority. In whatever happens, my hope is that our expression of grass roots democracy will be seasoned with wisdom rather than the anger that sparked the referendum.  Generally speaking, angry people don't make wise decisions.

Wednesday's here.  Friday's coming.  Who knows what can happen in between!!

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