Friday, September 02, 2011

No Election Until 2013

Premier Christy Clark brought an end to months of speculation yesterday by announcing that there would be no fall election.  I confess that I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I am thankful that there will be no election for at least 20 months.  It will be good for our province to have some political stability after the drama around the now failed HST.  That said, it's obvious that the Opposition has become very optimistic about their chances in 2013 so it's safe to say that we are about to experience the longest election campaign north of the US border.

While elections are part of the democratic process, I'm relieved that the Premier is waiting until 2013.  In terms of what we do as a ministry, a stable political environment makes it much easier to serve and minister to MLA's.  Elections create significant pressure, stress and tension for politicians. 

This window allows us to move forward with some exciting plans to ehance our ministry effectiveness.  Over the next few months we will be working towards building some important relationships that will allow us to invest in MLA marriages and homes.  We are excited about this tremendous opportunity.

We will also be working on a hard copy prayer guide for PrayBC that will feature MLA profiles and daily prayers.  We keep getting requests for a hard copy version of what we do and we are thrilled to be able to move forward with that option this fall.

No election means there will be a fall session of the Legislature.  This allows us to build on our progress we made through the Spring session and over the summer months.  It's going to be an exciting year of ministry and I can't wait to get started!!

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