Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hitting 'Reset'

On Oct 3 the current session of the BC Legislature will come to a close.  Members will return to Victoria for a morning session that will officially bring the session to an end.  It will hopefully mark the end of a season of turmoil, intrigue and political uncertainty on both sides of the House. 
On the afternoon of Oct 3, the Lieutenant Governor will attend the Legislature and read the Throne Speech announcing Government's new agenda, priorities and vision.  In this case it will be a lot like hitting the 'reset' button on your smart phone that hasn't been working properly.  The hope is that a fresh start will result in  things beginning to work they way they are supposed to.  Only time will tell if the intended goal will be achieved.

It's not only governments that seek the opportunity to reset the agenda in the hope of a fresh start.  There are people everywhere who long for a fresh start.  Sometimes life just becomes too complicated, messy and challenging and we need to hit reset.  Depending on who you are and where you look, there might appear to be many ways to accomplish that.  We have tried for years to find a reset button that suits our preferences but rarely completely meets our needs.

The New Testament carries a central recurring theme around the idea of 'reset'.  God knew that at some point we would all long for a fresh start.  He made us to crave it.  And so He sent Jesus who talked about new life with people from every social strata.  The apostle Paul talked about becoming a new creation and John wrote about the tremendous forgiveness available to anyone who asks for it.

The big difference between the government's reset and this one is that the government's reset is based on the hope that certain outcomes will result.  It may or may not be successful.  God's 'reset' is guaranteed to give us a fresh start.  Every time.

Need a fresh start?  Ask God to hit the 'reset' button in your life!  You won't regret it!

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