Thursday, October 06, 2011

Game On!!

Hello Friends.  It's Thursday morning and I feel a bit like I've been running a sprint over the last 3 days.  The Legislature resumed on Monday with a Throne Speech and all of the associated pageantry.  Throne Speech is one of my favourite events of the year.  There's so much to see before it starts and so many people to see after it's over. It always feels a bit like a high school reunion at the reception after the speech.  The room is buzzing with conversation, laughter and general pleasantries.

All through the summer, we had a distinct sense of momentum and increasing blessing on the ministry.  There were certainly some significant 'firsts' for us that I can't share here, but there was something else happening that was hard to quantify.  It just felt like something had 'shifted' for us.  I found out on Monday afternoon that we had crossed a significant threshold.

Normally, I have to 'work' the room at the post-speech reception and wait my turn to speak to members as they are visiting with their guests and friends.  I don't mind that, because I understand that they have a job to do even in that setting.  What told me something had changed for us was when I entered the reception area and people began moving towards me to extend their welcome and appreciation.  My intent is not to boast so much as it is to give God glory for His faithfulness to the ministry. Something significant has shifted for us and there is a new level of trust, openness and confidence in who we are and in what we do. That trust and openness has translated into some remarkable conversations and opportunities this week. 

I'm excited about what God has planned for those who lead our province in this session.  I'm more excited to be a part of seeing it unfold.  Keep tracking with us.  It's going to be an amazing Fall Session.

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