Monday, June 25, 2012

Exactly What I Needed

I was on my way to lunch in the Dining Room when an MLA waved me over to his table.  When I was close enough to have a conversation he began to tell me how perfect the daily MLA prayer was for him that day.  I had no idea what was happening in his life on that particular day, but someone, somewhere, several weeks earlier was inspired to write a prayer that was exactly what he needed on that particular day.  Later on, he stood in Question Period and I understood exactly why the prayer was a fit for him on that day. 

This particular prayer so impacted him that on at least 3 other occasions over the next week, both privately and publicly he expressed his appreciation.  I love it when we have this kind of impact.

The Bible tells us that we should pray for those who govern over us.  PrayBC is a tool that helps you do that on a daily basis.  The prayer is delivered to your inbox every Monday to Friday night and is there for you in the morning.
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