Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eastward Ho!

August 28th marked the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's iconic 'I Have A Dream' speech.  Thanks to YouTube, I was able to watch the full length speech several times.  Even though we live in a different time, the speech had an effect on me.  The issues are different than they were in 1963, but the hope of a better tomorrow inspired me to do my own dreaming, and more importantly, take some steps towards fulfilling the dream that already exists in my heart.  Without concrete steps, a dream is a momentary wisp that is either forgotten or disappointing. 

As many of you know, Leading Influence has a vision is to provide Chaplaincy care to every politician in Canada.  Since 2007, we have been doing that on a full time basis at the BC Legislature. By God's grace, we've found favor and seen good success.  We've created a model that works and that is transferable.  In January of 2013, we launched Leading Influence Alberta.  While our current chaplain (Rev. Larry Lindoff) is only able to commit to a volunteer role at this time, we are seeing great gains in terms of laying a solid foundation for the future.  I'm excited about what we've accomplished, but I am restless and determined to fulfill all that God has placed before Leading Influence.

I'm pleased to announce that we are exploring partnership opportunities in Saskatchewan. We are very early in the process, but there are some excellent possibilities before us.  I'm hopeful that we will have a chaplain in place for the Spring session in Regina. These are crucial days in our world and a godly presence and voice in the lives of leaders is more important now than ever before.  Pray with us that we find both God's leading and His wisdom as we move forward.  In the meantime, we'll keep you posted as things develop.

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