Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's A New Day!

Did you know that the average turn over in any BC election is just below 50%?  Somewhere between 40 and 43 people either retire, choose not to run again or are defeated every 4 years.  Elections are a bittersweet time for me as I say goodbye to people that I've invested in and pray that the seed we've sown produces a harvest in their lives.  The upside is that there are new people who take their places and life and ministry carry on.

We've seen some exceptional people replace those who have moved on to other opportunities.  I'm very excited about the core of people that I've been able to connect with thus far.  We continue to hold a weekly prayer gathering when the Legislature is in session.  That meeting has grown over what it has been previously and we've had some exciting times together. 

One of my first conversations with a new member went something like this:  'I'm pretty excited about becoming an MLA, but I'm much more excited to see how God will use me to bring others to him while I'm here.'  What a great sense of purpose and calling!  I'm looking forward to being a part of seeing that happen!

Our Bibles for MLA project was fantastic.  We built on a great partnership with the Canadian Bible Society and were able to place Bibles into the hands of MLAs.  Most were gladly received!  We combined the Bibles with a welcome package profiling Leading Influence and our work at the Legislature. It was a great way to introduce ourselves to 'The Class of 2013'.  Over the past few weeks, we've received thank you letters and phone calls from MLAs expressing their appreciation for the gift and our work. 

I'm excited about what I see as we move forward.  We've got some great momentum and some excellent possibilities.


John Twigg said...

It's been interesting over the decades to notice which cabinet ministers have chosen to be sworn in with a Bible in hand and those without (which is apart from those with other non-Christian religions). There are some politicians who are anti-Christian ...

Tim Schindel said...

Every MLA has the option of swearing or affirming the Oath of Office by either holding a Bible (or other holy book)or by simply affirming the oath by holding it in their right hand. The decision to affirm rather than swear the oath is not necessarily an indication of being 'anti-Christian'. In many cases, it's simply a reflection of our times. The church has done a poor job of being salt and light in a fast changing society. As a result we are being outpaced and deemed as irrelevant and obsolete.