Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back at 2014

One of the highlights of my year is to reflect back on what God has done with and through Leading Influence.  I am never disappointed and almost always have to choose what I’m going to leave out because there are just so many highlights.

In January, we officially welcomed Barry and Stella Berglund to our team.  Barry provides chaplaincy services at the Saskatchewan Legislature.  We had a great visit with them here in Victoria and made plans to be with him in Regina in February.

February … Regina… what was I thinking??  It was a chilly -52C when I got off the plane.  Even the locals admitted that it was a ‘bit brisk’ outside.   However the warm welcome that Barry and I received at the Saskatchewan Legislature made up for the frosty conditions outside.  It was exciting to watch God open doors for Barry as he made new friends and renewed some established relationships.  God is doing something amazing in Saskatchewan.  As a side note, once you’ve experienced -52, -25 feels balmy! 

The BC Legislature resumes in February and for me at least it’s like the first day of camp.  Everyone comes back from their community to resume the business of government for the next 4 months.  It’s a great time to reconnect, hand out hugs and catch up!  The return to Victoria also marks the beginning of our weekly prayer gatherings.  I love being a part of praying with leaders who are positioned in places of influence and listening to them ask God for help and direction.

We held our 8th Annual MLA Prayer Breakfast in April.  Mark Donnelly ‘Mr. O Canada’ was our guest speaker.  It wasn’t our usual kind of breakfast.  There’s nothing quite like having the Vancouver Canucks anthem singer lead ‘O Canada’ in a banquet room!  There were patriotic buttons bursting across the room!  After breakfast, I toured the building with Mark and we had a series of impromptu mini-concerts wherever we went.  God opened some unique doors that day and we are still reaping the benefits.

In May we hosted our first ‘Leadercast’ event.  Leadercast is a leadership development simulcast that provides world class leadership training and equipping event.  We had a great response and look forward to doing it again in 2015.

June through August are generally devoted to Sunday preaching opportunities, MLA office visits and vacation time.  The pace is usually a bit slower but this year was a bit different.  Through a series of events, we were able to launch PrayOntario and shortly after, PrayMB.  Today our ministry footprint extends from BC to Ontario and we pray daily for the leaders of just under 30 Million Canadians.  We also added a new chaplain for Alberta to our team. Uve Knaak is well qualified to do an incredible job for us.

The BC Legislature resumed in October.  My personal highlight was welcoming back a member who has been fighting cancer for the past year.  I told him I was looking forward to a bear hug!  He willingly obliged!  We had been praying for him and staying in touch so it was especially rewarding to see him back in Victoria.

In November, I visited Edmonton to be with Uve during his first few days at the Legislature.  (As a side note, I’m becoming more and more in favor of adding a Caribbean island to Canada ) We had a marvelous time together and he is on his way to a successful ministry!  There are bright days ahead for our work in Alberta.

The BC Legislature breaks for the winter at the end of November.  This is a time to catch up on administration, write Christmas newsletters and finalize our plans for 2015!  Thanks for your partnership and support!  We see exciting things on the horizon.  Check in with us in January!  Have a blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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