Monday, December 01, 2014

Transform Your World Conference Report

Someone gently reminded me that I was way past due on a ministry update.  That was 2 weeks ago... Apparently, I came home with a stronger case of 'island fever' than I thought I did.  In any case, I'm here now.

Barb and I had the privilege of attending the Transform Our World conference in Hawaii.  It was the first time we had been there and I may have made several attempts to convince God of the desperate need for chaplaincy ministry at the State Capitol.  He was quite clear that a trip to Edmonton in November was more in keeping with what He had in mind for me!

The conference was an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with people from all around the world who are seeing God do remarkable things both in Government and in the Marketplace.  It's hard to explain how inspiring and affirming the conference was to both of us.  Many have asked what has impacted us the most during our time there.  Having had a few weeks to ponder and process what we saw, heard and learned, I'd have to say that more than anything, I took away the clear sense that God is doing much more than most of us think He is in transforming the marketplace and government.  

While many people think of ministry in this area as unique and 'outside the box', the truth of the matter is that the Early Church found it's traction and growth in the marketplace.  The Book of Acts is almost entirely a record of the Holy Spirit at work through the church in this sphere of influence. The good news is that He continues to work just as powerfully as He ever has and that lives, businesses, communities and nations are being impacted as a result.  This is an exciting place to serve Jesus and to partner with Him as He transforms our world!

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